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Without your donations, this land is vulnerable.

Donate via PayPal, credit, debit or check.

If you would  prefer to donate by check, please send your check to:

Starr King Open Space
PO Box 880293
San Francisco, CA 94188-0293

SKOS Tax ID:  942967564

All donations are tax deductible.   Your donation by debit, credit or PayPal will help support the future of Starr King Open Space.  Thank you for your support!

Starr King Open Space is our neighborhood hilltop sanctuary!“We use this space daily and are so grateful to have a place within walking distance to take our dogs, play with our kids and talk with neighbors!  We need to keep this land safe.” De haro neighbor

Why we need your donation today…insurance, legal fees protecting SKOS from developers, land maintenance and more…

Thank you for your support in protecting our neighborhood sanctuary!

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