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SKOS Board is looking for new members!

The Starr King Open Space (SKOS) is looking for new board members. Starr King is a 3.5 acre open space in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. The land is a vital piece of the serpentine habitat that runs the length of the county from the…

Starr King Open Space

Starr King Open Space is a mostly sloping, approximately 3.5 acre parcel bounded from 23rd and Carolina to 24th and De Haro with views of the hills to the west, and the Golden Gate Bridge on a clear day.

Meet the Open Space Volunteer

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Wildflower Walk this Sun April 16, 2023!

It's time for our 2nd Wildflower Walk in the Open Space! This walk will take place this Sunday the 16th…

Volunteer Day tomorrow! (This Sat April 8, 2023)

Our Volunteer Day is tomorrow, this Saturday, April 8, 9:30am – 12:30pm! Come join us! Lupins, poppies, and other wildflowers…

Wildflower walks this Sat March 25 and April 16, 2023!

Spring is popping in the Open Space, which means it's time for our annual wildflower walks! This year we have…

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