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Take Care of Starr King Open Space.

Monthly Volunteer Days are on the second Saturday of each month from 9:30am – 12:00pm. Meet at the big chair.

Come out and meet your neighbors, be a community steward, enjoy the natural grassland habitat, see spectacular views, celebrate our beautiful neighborhood open space and help us keep it in great shape for all to enjoy. Everyone is welcome.

Volunteer 1

The many ways you can support Starr King Open Space!

The Board is looking to expand our volunteer program and there are a number of unique opportunities to employ your special talents and skills towards a good cause. Getting involved with the Open Space will deepen your appreciation for this neighborhood treasure, and help to protect and preserve it for future generations.

Become a “SKOS Citizen Steward” by participating in the care of the land itself, or by helping the non-profit corporation. Take a look at the list below, and let us know if you can help. And if you have other ideas and want to contribute in a different way, just tell us… we’re *open* to other ideas!

Volunteers may take a charitable contribution tax deduction for expenses they incur in connection with their volunteer services, if the expenses are ones the charity would otherwise have to incur.

Land Stewards

The Board is looking to form a group of neighbors dedicated to the physical well-being of the Open Space. From helping develop a long-term restoration and land management plan, to removal of invasive species of plants, to community education, Citizen Stewards will be on the frontline preserving the Open Space for future generations.


Seeking photographers to visit the Open Space with your camera and capture photos for the website and new monthly SKOS feature in the Potrero View. A great way to show off your photographic eye while you help document the life cycle of our serpentine grassland and its treasured place in our neighborhood.

Dog-walker Liaison

A liaison between the SKOS Board and the dog-walking community. Responsible for troubleshooting dog-related issues and recruiting other dog-walkers to contribute to the beautification and preservation of SKOS.


Seeking professional guidance for the Coral Loop removal site in order to ensure maximum rainwater infiltration and develop a plan for effective land restoration.


Seeking individuals willing to help organize our various fundraising efforts (e.g, publicity/outreach, event coordination, etc.). Prior experience is a plus, but anyone is welcome to join our Fundraising Committee!

Compost Manager

Ideally looking for someone who lives very close to the Open Space who can help collect and dispose of green matter, including the placement and retrieval of our green bin at the SE corner of Carolina & 23rd for Wednesday morning pick-up.

Concrete Removal/Road Demolisher

We intend to remove Coral Loop, a stretch of old road which sits atop the Open Space. We seek a contractor that can get the work done quickly and with minimal impact to the rest of the Open Space.


Experienced grant-writers or those interested in developing this skill area and researching relevant grants for the Open Space are encouraged to get in touch.