A Candidate’s Plea from Caroline Bird

Dear Friends of Starr King Open Space,

When I moved to Potrero Hill fifteen years ago, I quickly discovered Starr King Open Space.  I didn’t know it had a name, I didn’t know it was protected, and I didn’t really care.  It was my urban oasis.  Over time I learned that neighbors helped tend it, but I was more interested in enjoying the space quietly on my own.  It wasn’t until a neighbor approached me two years ago and told me that the Open Space was in trouble that I decided to give back to this land that I loved.

Many of you also rallied to that cry for help two years ago—some of you were the ones doing the rallying!  Nineteen of us ran for the election, and over 50 of you showed up to vote.  You have written letters, spoken at hearings, come to work parties, supported the organization financially, and much, much more.  Together, we have saved a struggling organization and have turned it into a vibrant organization.

But it cannot manage itself.  Starr King Open Space needs you to rally again. We are about to have our first election since the restructuring of the board, and we need candidates who care about the Open Space to run. Most of our board will be turning over.  This is a pivotal moment in the history of the organization.  All of the organizational structures are back in place—now we need a board to sustain the Open Space and to involve the community in its stewardship.

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New Bylaws adopted; next SKOS Meeting 4/7/11

The Starr King Open Space Board of Directors has voted and adopted its revised bylaws. Download the new Bylaws document here. The next meeting of the Starr King Open Space Board of Directors will be held this Thursday, April 7 2011 at 6:30 PM at…

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Spring Wildflower Walks are here!

Starr King Open Space Spring Wildflower Walks - JOIN US! Some 150 different plants grow in Starr King Open Space. - and more than twenty of the 150 plants are the gorgeous wildflowers that make California's wildlands such a special springtime treat. The Land Stewardship…

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NEW SKOS Bylaws to be ratified at next meeting

It has been 13 years since the Starr King Openspace board's operating bylaws were updated, and the board have been hard at work updating and strengthening this  document for the organization. It is our aim to ensure the future success of the Starr King Openspace…

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Next SKOS Board Meeting 3/9/11 6:30 PM

The next Starr King Openspace Board of Director's Meeting is on March 9th, 6:30pm in "Bungalow A" at Starr King Elementary School, 1215 Carolina Street (enter at the side yard gate at Coral Road between Carolina and Wisconsin).  Board meetings are open to the public…

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Starr King Openspace Website Update

Welcome to our newly updated website! We hope the new layout, menus, document categories, and time-stamped postings make it easy to find out about events, news or announcements related to the Starr King Openspace on Potrero Hill. The new site was created by David Marr…

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Residential Development @ 1321 De Haro Street

Planning Commission Hearing and Starr King Openspace ~ 1321 De Haro Update
The San Francisco Planning Commission’s October 15th public session included a 3-hour hearing towards resolving the juxtaposition of Starr King Openspace and surrounding neighborhood with the proposed new residential development at 1321 De Haro Street, in response to two Discretionary Reviews brought to the Commission, one from the Starr King Openspace Board, and one from the Potrero Boosters. Owners of 1321 De Haro, architects, attorneys, neighbors and members of the Starr King Openspace Board spoke during the public comment section.

1321 De Haro (Now). Viewed From Starr King Openspace
1321 De Haro (Now). Viewed from Starr King Openspace

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Starr King Openspace Completes Wildflower Walks for 2010

Starr King Openspace Completes Wildflower Walks for 2010 Some 150 different plants grow in Starr King Openspace, about 30 of which were used as foodstuffs by Native Americans and early settlers. The Land Stewardship Committee of the Board of Directors has just completed a series…

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