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Coral Road
Coral Road. Photo by Erik Hansen.

We are excited to be underway with our project to remove the Coral Road concrete loop and restore that portion of the open space to native habitat to make it even more valuable to our neighborhood, but we are looking for volunteers who can provide the following for donation or a greatly discounted rate:

Property survey:  

In order to remove the road, we need a property line survey, but unfortunately the typical land survey estimates are out of our budget.  SKOS is looking for someone who can donate their services or provide them for a reduced rate.  We don’t need a very detailed survey, only property lines, especially as it relates to the area that is involved in the removal of the road.

Drawings for permit:

As a continuation of this project, we would like to replace the sidewalks on Carolina Street where Coral Road intersects with the road. We have a contractor in place to build the sidewalks, but we need drawings that we can submit to the City for a permit. Would anyone in the community have the ability to draw and stamp these renderings for SKOS for a donation or a greatly reduced rate?

Timing: Ideally these should be completed by the end of July.

If you can help with either of the above, or can refer us to someone in the community who can offer these services, please reach out directly to Jamie Simon, our project manager via email.

Thank you!!!