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Joanna “Joey” Meldrum was actually voted onto the Starr King Board nearly a year ago. So It’s high time you got to meet her! She’s a land use attorney who’s working to help change the zoning to keep SKOS protected. She’s been a great addition and we are so happy to have her help. Here’s what she has to say about herself, take it away, Joey!

Meet One Our Newer Board Members! 1
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“I have lived across the street from Starr King Open Space since 2001. My kids and dog grew up playing in the native grass, climbing the rocks, and taking time to pause and admire the views. My family appreciates the Open Space every day and are thankful this unique piece of undeveloped land in the middle of the City. I absolutely love what the current Board has done over the past few years – including all the work removing Coral Road, clearing out non-native plants, and raising both awareness and funds through creative events held in the Open Space. I am honored to be on the Open Space Board and to help preserve this valuable asset for all residents of Potrero Hill and the City to enjoy.”