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Starr King Openspace Completes Wildflower Walks for 2010
Some 150 different plants grow in Starr King Openspace, about 30 of which were used as foodstuffs by Native Americans and early settlers. The Land Stewardship Committee of the Board of Directors has just completed a series of 3 Wildflower Walks.

These are held in March, April and May every year in commemoration of 25 years of ecological restoration and observation of our wildflowers which are delicately beautiful yet hardy enough to survive in our serpentine grassland soil.

Buttercups At Starr King Openspace. Photo By Margo Bors
Buttercups at Starr King Openspace. Photo by Margo Bors

As development takes more and more of the land on our hill, volunteers collect and sow and/or transplant native plants that would otherwise be lost, into a remnant garden preserving the plants of Potrero Hill. Starr King Openspace is managed as a Serpentine Grassland habitat according to its mission statement and bylaws. Watch this space for future mapping of the locations of the many wildflowers at Starr King Openspace.