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The Potrero View
The Potrero View

On neighborhood newsstands throughout the month of November, the front page headline in the current Potrero View features a story on plans to convert Pier 64 into a six-acre Open Space.

There is also a Starr King Openspace op-ed piece on page 3, “Starr King Openspace Yours to Enjoy” – about people’s varying experiences at Starr King Openspace, and why it is kept the way it is, with wildflowers in the spring, and undeveloped open area all year round.

“Starr King Openspace is a restored section of serpentine grassland – a geological system that runs from Hunters Point to the Presidio. So far this eco-restoration has taken place over a quarter century…. Starr King Openspace is brimming with life … blue heron … red-tailed hawks … kestrels … lizards.”

You can find the View at Good Life, Chiotras, or other locations near you.

The November article is available online here.