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Our Volunteer Day is tomorrow, this Saturday, April 8, 9:30am – 12:30pm! Come join us!
Lupins, poppies, and other wildflowers are blooming right now in the Open Space. Please be careful and observe the lupins from the walking paths so as not to crush any emerging plants.
Tomorrow we will be weeding oxalis, an invasive yellow clover, and also cleaning up trash & glass.  As always, free bagels & coffee at the wooden chair for our mighty volunteers! Hope to see you tomorrow!
WEEDING OXALIS: If you see this plant, you can always help the Open Space by pulling it up – grasp firmly below where the stems are converging and pull up, trying to get as much of the white root as possible. If you see tiny bulbs on the root, congratulations!

Volunteer Day Tomorrow! (This Sat April 8, 2023) 1