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Meet Our New President: Maureen Loya
Meet our new President: Maureen Loya

We are happy to announce that Maureen Loya has been voted President of Starr King Open Space Board of Directors. She has been on the board for the past year and a half, and steps into the vacant President role following the final term of former President Julie Shumate.

Maureen is a fourth generation native San Franciscan who has lived in Potrero Hill for close to ten years. A mother of a young son and owner of two active dogs, she walks through the open space every day.

More from Maureen, in her own words:

As the new president of the Starr King Open Space Board of Directors, I’m really excited about this upcoming year. With the project to remove Coral Road starting to take shape, I think we all can expect to see some very positive changes that will help further restore our neighborhood treasure to a more natural state. I also look forward to working with the new owners of 1321 De Haro as they build their dream house on the foundations of what I referred to as ‘the shack’. We are happy to have good neighbors that value our urban oasis move in next door.

Our board is also working hard to make sure our second annual SKOS Sunset Piano Block Party is a bigger success than last year. Please save the date of Sept. 25th. It’s going to be a fun afternoon of good tunes, good food and drink, and of course, good views. I hope you can join us.

We are extremely lucky to have such unfettered beauty so close to our homes. I enjoy climbing the rocks, drinking in the views, admiring the wildflowers and watching the hawks and other wildlife co exist along side us. As a member of the board my only goals are to protect this area from development, help continue to restore the land to a more natural state, and to encourage my neighbors to both enjoy the open space and to help keep it beautiful.  

We want to thank Julie Shumate for an incredible five years of leadership. Her passion and commitment to our open space was exceptional. Under her leadership we were able to achieve many firsts, including our first community day with California College of the Arts, our first Sunset Piano celebration, and securing grants to permanently remove Coral Road so we can restore our native habitat.

Thank you Julie!