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Did you know that some 150 different plants grow in Starr King Open Space – and more than twenty of the 150 plants are the gorgeous wildflowers that make California’s wild lands such a special springtime treat?

The Land Stewardship Committee of the Board of Directors leads annual Wildflower Walks and invites you to take part in the 1st walk of the 2013 season!

Don’t miss it: Sunday, April 14, starting at 11 a.m. and lasting approximately 1 hour. Skoswildflower-Flyer

Meet on Carolina at Coral loop across from Starr King Elementary School.

All ages are welcome!  (Kids really enjoy this, this, and they don’t even realize it’s a little bit educational because it’s so much fun!)

To the right is a chart with photos and names of 20 wildflowers you an find on Starr King Open Space.  If you’d like, bring one with you to the Wildflower Walk; just click on the image, and print the full size PDF.  Or, if you can’t join us on Sunday, do your own wildflower walk with the flier in-hand and see how many you can find!