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You probably know a California poppy, but would you know blue-eyed grass if it winked at you? Can you really wash your kid’s mouth out with soap plant? Want to learn more about the plants that make Starr King Open Space a special place? Please join us for the first annual Starr King Open Space Spring Wildflowers and Mimosa fundraiser!

Saturday, May 4th at 10:30am-noon, a crossed the Street from Starr King Elementary School, Jake Sigg and Margo Bors will lead a tour through the Open Space, revealing the many California native wildflowers that bloom here.

Jake Sigg has served as President and Conservation Chair of the Yerba Buena chapter of the California Native Plant Society, and has worked for decades to preserve Bay Area natural areas. Margo Bors is active with the California Native Plant Society and is a Potrero Hill based artist and naturalist with deep ties to Starr King Open Space.

Come out and meet your neighbors, enjoy wildflowers, sip mimosa’s, see spectacular views, and celebrate our beautiful neighborhood open space. Everyone is welcome.

Suggested donation: $20 per adult

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