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The Potrero View
The Potrero View

Dear Editor,

“I’m very happy to announce that Starr King Openspace has met our matching grants! In December the Potrero Boosters challenged us with a matching grant to raise ,000 by the end of March 2010. The View added an additional 0 challenge in March. Thanks to the overwhelming support of neighbors and local businesses, we raised ,308.48 during that time, plus an additional ,100 in early April.

“The biggest success of this fund drive was that so many different neighbors donated. Whether the donation was for $15 or $1,000, we were delighted every time we received a new envelope in the mail. Thanks to all of the individuals who contributed. Thank you to local businesses the View, Goat Hill Pizza, and M&M Grocery for creatively and generously encouraging community support. And, especially, thanks to the Potrero Boosters for their generosity, for spearheading this drive, and for understanding that Starr King Openspace needs to be cared for by us all.”

“Caroline Bird
President, Starr King Openspace Board of Directors”

This Letter to the Editor is available online here.