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The City of San Francisco offers a Community Challenge Grant Program and we’re

Coral Road
Coral Road

currently working on our grant application. We plan to use the funds for the removal of concrete on the Open Space. The northern loop of Coral Road is unused and causes rainwater to divert from the ground and into the overworked sewer system. We are excited about this project because it is a huge step in our ongoing  efforts to maintain the land as naturally as possible and also helps the environment by reducing run-off that pollutes the Bay.

Letters of support are crucial to the application process, so email or snail mail a letter telling us why you think the Open Space is awesome and how it could be even better with less concrete!

If you’re interested in volunteering to help with the grant process or the work required to complete the project, please email the Board. We could use the help of any person with expertise in grant writing, civil engineering, diagram preparation, concrete removal, soil grading and restoration or law.

The Community Challenge Grant awards are given only to groups with a high level of participation, so we need as many letters as we can get. Spread the word, because we can’t do it without you!


Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address
Starr King Open Space
PO Box 880293
San Francisco, CA 94188-0293